Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Biocera Washing Ball

Technical information:

Main components:
Body: SEBS
Biocera Green Laundry Ball
Far Infra Ray Ceramic Ball

Size/Weight: 100X90mm/200g

Lifetime: 1000 washes;
5kg laundry per wash

This ball is a Nano Technology Ceramic Ball made in Korea.
It has been developed, researched and scientifically tested.

It contains ceramic beads and emits infrareds and negative ions into the water. Its antibacterial effect eliminate bacteria and odour and increase the cleaning effect of water.

This laundry ball can clean clothes without detergents
  • Removes residue of detergent and chlorine
  • Strong sterilization and disinfection effects
  • Gives you cleanliness, freshness, softness.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Nano Technology ceramic ball
Negative ions + Far Infrared rays

  • water tension is reduced
  • water molecules become smaller
  • dirt moves through fabric easier

What is inside the ball?

Monday, October 19, 2009

Laundry without Detergent

Now there is a a laundry ball that can clean clothes without detergents. It is chemical free, and hypoallergenic.

Perfect for those who are concerned about irritation or skin allergies caused by laundry detergents.
A real eco-friendly product!

How It Works??

Say 'NO' to conventional laundry detergent!!!

Many laundry detergents are harmful to human.
They contain cancer-causing chemicals and other toxic materials.

A revolutionary way to do your laundry. You can now have an allergen, chemical detergent free laundry, while saving money and
doing your part in protecting the environment!

It's economical, practical, ecological!

It has been scientifically proven that this wash ball has better washing ability than detergent, and make water safer than tap water.

How To Use??

  1. Load dirty clothes with 1 Wash Ball in the washer (if load is less than 5kg) use more than 1 wash ball if load is heavier than 5 kg.
  2. Adjust your wash setting (Ball works well in warm water)
  3. Do not use Ball in the Dryer.
  4. For optimum performance and to preserve function of the ball to detain longer usage if possible, dry biocera wash ball in sunlight (1~ 2 hours) at least once a month.
Lets start your laundry like you normally would. Load your dirty clothes with the laundry ball in the washer. It is that simple!

Biocera Help Us to......

  • Wash up to 1000 times! (Cost efficient)
  • Allergen free!
  • Chemical detergent free!
  • Eco-Friendly (reduce wastewater from houses, conserve energy, water, etc)
  • Prevents residue buildup like what liquid detergent does to your washing machine (extend the life of your washing machine
Just do your laundry like you normally would. Load your dirty clothes with the laundry ball in the washer. It is that simple!

Best Price Offer!!

Price/Harga: RM168.00 only
Including Postage!!!

(breakdown cost: only RM0.168 per wash!)
Free postage to anywhere in Malaysia.

Special Offer: RM 300 for 2 balls.